ЛАВА feat. Katya Celebrine - Цунами

Cat.: AVC033

Vocal: Katya Celebrine
Back vocals: Feel Gainsbourg & Nastya Leader
Music: Alien Delon
Words: Feel Gainsbourg & Alien Delon
Mastering: Alien Delon

“Tsunami” is the first single from the second album of Moscow based neo-trance project “LAVA”.
LAVA are Feel Gainsbourg (DJ, poet and Russian-underground music digger) and Ilya Dmitriev (music producer also known as Alien Delon, member of POEXXXALI, Celebrine). They started this project back in 2018 with fellow singer KATA, they realized they had a mutual obsession with early Trance and hardcore music from Belgium, as well as Russian versions of these styles from early 90s. They, with help of the AVEC boss Maxim Nazarov, released several videos for the singles and the debut album “Fatality” in the autumn of the same year to critical acclaim and extensive media coverage.
After KATA’s compelled departure, they decided to change the concept of their work by making the second album, called “The Second Wave” featuring different singers for every song.
“Tsunami” mimics the more pop-oriented trance production, led by the powerful voice of Katya Celebrine, with occasional backing vocals by Feel Gainsbourg and Nastya Leader (who is responsible for the choreography at live shows). Lyrics focus on the band’s favorite themes - impossible love and apocalypse, through allegory of the giant wave, tearing us apart.