01 Soon 
02 Friends 
03 Halloween 
04 Luck 
05 Exile 
06 Fun 
07 Eerie Tales 
08 Blue Light 
09 That Song 
10 A Few Things 
11 Metropolis 
12 Vivid Heart 
13 Love & Death 
14 Great New World 
15 Idi I Smotri

Cat.: [AVC014]

Digital release date:
September 8, 2017

Produced by Katya Celebrine & Alien Delon.

Celebrine is a Moscow-based electronic duo consisting of Katya Celebrine and Ilya Dmitriev (aka Alien Delon). They initially met at a home party in Tel-Aviv in early 2011 and soon after began playing around with old samplers and synths. Celebrine's musical influences come from a variety of diverse sources and genres such as new wave, electroclash and psychedelic rock. The resulting fusion of melodic variations and mystic ethereal atmospheres became solidified within conservative forms of electronic dance music, blurring the lines of vintage and modern sound. Celebrine's first 12’’ EP «Selfdestructive Boy» was released on Chicago-based Glenview Records. The duo began working with Dutch NON Records in 2014, producing several singles with remixes from Legowelt and Timothy J. Fairplay, Sasha Renkas, among others, as well as debut LP album «Happy Tears», released in the early 2015. After an extensive schedule of performances in Russia, Netherlands and Israel, Celebrine began working on their second album “Tristar” which will be released on September 8, 2017 via AVEC. 

Katya Celebrine: We’ve been working on “Tristar” for nearly two years, moving our studio three times. From the basement in the center of Moscow we moved to the attic in a Masonic building, from there, tired of the noisy city, we moved to a country house. In almost total isolation and surrounded by nature, we were able to gain powers and inspiration to write, record, mix and master the album. 

Ilya Dmitriev: Despite the fact that on “Tristar” Celebrine departed further away from the style of previous works into the more futuristic and complex realms of sound, the band retains the melodic, vocally- dominant legacy that it’s known for. Songs of "Tristar" raise lots of existential questions and invite listeners to find the answers on their own, building a magical new world through imagination, and at the same time being a highly personal reflection of Katya’s emotional universe. Celebrine do no like to write pretentious press releases about themselves, and therefore modestly consider themselves wizards of sonic vibrations.