Maxim Nazarov - The Light

Cat.: [AVC034]

Track listing:
01 Maiden (ft. Iana Joanna Nikulenko)
02 Manipulation
03 Pyramid
04 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
05 Get Enough (ft. Alien Delon)
06 Pyramid (Instrumental)

"Maiden" - poem: Ragnar Redbeard; voice: Iana Joanna Nikulenko; bass: Dima Midborn. "Get Enough": synths by Alien Delon. Produced by Maxim Nazarov. Mixing + Mastering: Alien Delon. Artwork by Gustave Dore.

New ep from AVEC’s label boss Maxim Nazarov. This time it’s 6 dance floor-ready vintage-flavoured tracks, heavily influenced by Italo-Disco, New Beat and Electro. It’s quite dark and gloomy, yet fun and very danceable. There are vague occult references, enlightenment themes and a track about a mind-altering substance discovered by Albert Hofmann. Maiden features a poem written by Ragnar Redbeard and performed by Moscow’s hyperspace muse Iana Joanna Nikulenko, with Dima Midborn on the bass. Get Enough is a collaboration with AVEC’s production genius Alien Delon, where he’s performing the analogue baselines and synths live.