Track listing:
01 "Субкультура" (Original)
02 "Субкультура" (Re-edit)
03 "Субкультура" (Simulacra Esperanto Remix)

Cat.: AVC031
Music: Andrei Oid
Voice, text: Maxim Nazarov

Remix: Simulacra Esperanto

Mastering: Alien Delon

“Субкультура" (subculture in Russian) is a collaboration between Moscow’s electronic musician Andrei Oid under the pseudonym Kudamir Katitsa and Maxim Nazarov on the vocals. The single features 3 versions of the track. Lyrics present a poetic reflection on music subcultures, which possess the power to form young minds to properly channel creative energies, but instead destroying authentic human identity, replacing it with superficial, hypocritical and commercial elements. Re-edit by Kudamir Katitsa removes the pop appeal of the original track replacing it with an evil arpeggio bassline, creating a hypnotic industrial action sequence. Simulacra Esperanto’s schizophrenic remix features orchestral hits and sped up New Beat bass and drums and is quite loud and energetic.