Maxim Nazarov - Your Military-Industrial Inferiority Complex

Release date: June 7, 2024
Cat.: AVC064

Track listing:
01 Burn In Hell
02 Dead Man's Switch (feat. Raging Incel)
03 Surf the Kali Yuga
04 Your Military-Industrial Inferiority Complex

Production: Maxim Nazarov
Mixing & mastering: Alien Delon
Photo: Kate Kobzar

Maxim claims that the sound of "Your Military-Industrial Inferiority Complex" EP is produced in the "Bitchsmacker" genre. It is based on The Prodigy's track "Smack My Bitch Up", which includes elements of breakbeat, acid, psychedelia, metal and many clichés from club music of the mid-90s. It is the neurotic action soundtrack to a non-existent cyberpunk movie or anime.
"Dead Man's Switch" is a collaboration with Maxim's younger brother Anton under the pseudonym Raging Incel.