D'Marr Ford & Maxim Nazarov - Alpha Nostalgia E.P.

Release date: May 31, 2024
Cat.: AVC063

Track listing:
01 D'Marr Ford & Maxim Nazarov - Don't Know How To Stop
02 D'Marr Ford & Maxim Nazarov - Sharp Prunes (Very Powerful Beats)
03 D'Marr Ford & Maxim Nazarov - Bang to the Beat of the Drum
04 D'Marr Ford & Maxim Nazarov - 100% BEEF!

Production: D'Marr Ford & Maxim Nazarov
Mastering: Alien Delon
Artwork: D'Marr Ford

Maxim Nazarov met D'Marr Ford in early 2000's on a UK Hard House internet forum. They instantly clicked over having similar tastes in music they were playing in their DJ sets. After being invited to play at the infamous Trade club in 2001, Maxim came over to London from NYC to DJ at an underground club night Milk, curated by D'Marr. Maxim lived in D'Marr's home studio on the couch in Islington for two weeks, where they ended up making several tracks together. Alpha Nostalgia E.P. is their homage to the late 90's hard house sound of The Sharp Boys, Tidy and Tripoli Trax and various Dutch producers of the time.