Track listing:
01 Boy Toy |Feat. Divoli S'vere, Beek & Eva|
02 Honey
03 Mega Z
04 Adjustment
05 Feeling [Way We Use 2]

Cat.: AVC003

Produced by Maxim Nazarov. Vocals by Eva, Divoli'Svere & Beek.
Mixed & mastered by Alien Delon.

AVEC opens 2017 with the release of NYNEX's "Boy Toy" EP. The title track delivers a post-apocalyptic club workout with a hard house flavor, reminiscent of underground sounds of New York City's Sound Factory club circa mid-1990's. The track originates from elements of Moschino's ad jingle for TOY perfume, previously created by NYNEX. It was substantially darkened and rendered club-appropriate with the help of Qween Beat's ballroom MC's Divoli S'vere & Beek.

NYNEX - Boy Toy Feat. Divoli S'vere, Beek & Eva