Cat.: AVC009

Track listing:
01 NYNEX - Sonar Standby (Alien Delon Remix)
02 Maxim Nazarov - Go, Honey, Go (Alien Delon Remix)
03 Bazooka Boom - Big Bada Boom (Alien Delon Remix)
04 A Headphones - Korke B (Alien Delon Remix)

Remixed by Alien Delon. Artwork: Fine Day.

Alien Delon is a Moscow-based producer, musician and DJ. He has covered many styles and genres in his works over the past 15 years. Raised in a family of contemporary artists, he was listening to his father’s tapes of The Orb, KLF, Kraftwerk and Art Of Noise, and quickly became obsessed with the magic of electronic music. In the past he was a member of music projects, such as Supersonic Future, U.R.A.N., Jewrhythmics and Celebrine.

"AVEC Remix Pack" contains some of Alien Delon's remixes made for the AVEC team throughout the years.