Alien Delon - GAME OVER

Alien Delon - Game Over
Release date: 12 April 2024
Cat.: AVC057

01 Game Over
02 Glacier Allies
03 Northern Lights
04 Four Legs
05 Try Again
06 Seek And hide
07 Highway
08 Dr. Ex
09 Sequin
10 Are You Winning Son?

Cover / Photo by Sonya Patik

Production, lyrics, vocals & mastering by Alien Delon

The fittest will survive this game...
You lost, though, but have one more attempt - so do it with style this time!
The new Alien Delon’s LP will definitely help you with that: from cold lo-fi electro recorded on a 16-track tape and outlandish, tranquilizing soundscapes to high-energy synth-boost that will help you rise from your four-legged state and win this battle once and for all!

Starting off with a perfect mourning piece about your previous failure, “Game Over” features the Vangelis-all-time-favorite synth in the modern Japanese recreation, singing along with mid-'80s sampler choirs to form one big romantic hymn, that gives you the power to try again! But probably you will need some allies to win this time – “Glacier Allies” with its steady 808-driven beats and frozen ice (s)words are ready.

Summon the Nordic gods for the power of “Northern Lights” – the turbocharged analog tape electro in the best tradition of Japanese Telecom classics.
“Four Legs” reminds you about this whole life-loop thing with a 144 BPM electroclash anthem, repeat until you reach the nirvana state of “Try Again” with Mono/Poly secret hypno arp set- tings. Still survived?

Then you’ll be rewarded with a small bonus game of “Seek And Hide” in the form of a weird new-wave Italo song with YMO drum synth serving as a bass sequence.
Now you’re on a “Highway” to your victory! The perfect soundtrack for your midnight-club-autobahn-edition drive to your regular check by “Dr. Ex” – a dystopian Jupiter-8 electro brain repair procedure is needed. Almost there, the firecrackers are firing, and the single “Sequin” catches your eye: the early '90s Italo trance hypnosis leads you to the final realization.

Are you winning, son?