Supersonic Future - Maybe Yes!
20th Anniversary Remixes [FREE RELEASE]

Release date: May 10, 2024
Cat.: AVC060

Track listing:
01 Maybe Yes! (POKO_COX Remix)
02 Maybe Yes! (Anton Kubikov Remix)
03 Maybe Yes! (Sickdisco Remix)
04 Maybe Yes! (Manicure Remix)
05 Maybe Yes! (Maxim Nazarov Remix)
06 Maybe Yes! (Dima Midborn Remix)
07 Maybe Yes! (Fisky Remix)
08 Maybe Yes! (John Lankaster Remix)
09 Maybe Yes! (DJ Chernobyl Bailefunk Remix)
10 Maybe Yes! (P▲K▲S▲B▲K▲ Remix)
11 Maybe Yes! (Kudamir Katitsa Remix)
12 Maybe Yes! (Raging Incel Remix)
13 Maybe Yes! (hardickoff Techno Remix)
14 Maybe Yes! (hardickoff Indie Dance Remix)
15 Maybe Yes! (GM2 Remix)

Music: Oleg Kostrow
Vocal: Julia Juicy
Mastering: Alien Delon
Collage: Feel Gainsbourg
Executive producer: Maxim Nazarov

AVEC presents: The 20th anniversary remixes of the first Russian hipster hit which went beyond the Moscow downtown dancefloors and reached the unwashed masses due to being used in the opening of a trashy TV show of a local Paris Hilton wannabe. Rumor has it, the rhyme "Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe sex, I don't know" was borrowed from a St. Petersburg harlot.