Track listing:
01 Knowledge
02 Swing Duck
03 Pro-V
04 Dope Tick
05 Access-A-Ride I
06 Access-A-Ride II
07 Full Circle
08 Jagged Bag
09 Online Activation
10 Anxiety Crunch
11 Original Vibes
12 Thanks Malcolm

Cat.: AVC004

Produced by Maxim Nazarov & Bill Mattinson. Mastered by Alien Delon.

NYNEX is the project of Simulacra Esperanto and GM 2, deeply rooted in underground club music and inspired by ideas of dada. The initial series of live experiments resulted in 303 JAMS - a collection of raw acid tracks with Chicago house and techno vibes. Recorded at a home studio in Queens on an all-analog setup based around MPC4000. Roland TB-303 served as a lead performer, it was borrowed from Malcolm.

NYNEX - Original Vibes